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see im not really big on routine for my self either, beside work, i dont do anything by times, if i am going somewhere i never say a time bcos i wont keep to it, i will decide on the time that day, we eat when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired, we never plan meals, we shop and cook by what we want on that day too.
i am a little stricter with M than i am myself, as i say i didnt realise how much of a 'routine' he has until i talk about it, i dont set a wake up time, or a meal time, i like him to have his nap before lunch time but i dont try force it. but bedtime apart from when we have guests, i do like to keep to 7pm as much as possible, he more or less falls into a routine, it just so happens it all falls near the same times every day rather than been set.. so maybe thats not a routine then

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Mum (Mom)
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Mine are older and when they were younger they never missed a nap even once but that was mainly cause they were put into their beds at the same time every day. It was never an option to come out of bed again and play instead.
Now, if they don't nap between 1 and 2 they are still in their beds till 2ish and then I get them up and then power through to evening. But this happens almost never with one twin and the other doesn't seem to mind either way.

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