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Terrible behaviour- help!

My twins are going to be 3 in December. We've gone through some of the "terrible two" things already, but over the past few weeks they have escalated dramatically.

Examples of their recent behaviour:
  1. They got hold of two bottles of shampoo when DH was feeding the baby (it was kids' shampoo that my MIL had just brought over for them), and coated themselves and the entire room in it, including rubbing it in their eyes. DH had to rinse out their eyes in the sink and then hose them off for over 15 minutes before the bubbles stopped. It took 2 days and hours of work to get the sunroom clean.
  2. They grab things off the table, including full cups of liquid, and throw them on the floor.
  3. They knock the baby down several times a day (he just learned to walk and is still wobbly).
  4. They kick, hit, and push each other and fight over toys.
  5. They talk about "killing," "smashing," and "breaking" each other. They clearly have no idea what these things mean, they just see that they get a reaction.
  6. DD threw three of her toys in the toilet and was splashing around in there , while DS was unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper onto the floor. DH had stepped away for 15 seconds to get a diaper for DS, who was supposed to be using the potty.
  7. They fight diaper changes, clothing changes, and showers/baths. Yesterday, DS fought me so hard while rinsing his hair that it was scary...he was hitting, scratching, and trying to bite me like a feral animal. He seemed legitimately panicked, but he had been fine a moment before, and was fine as soon as I took him out of the shower.
  8. They say "no" to everything and are openly defiant when asked to do something or stop doing something.
  9. They try to run away when we're out in public, even trying to run into the street or parking lot.

They know all of this is wrong, and we have always set clear boundaries. I don't know why they are suddenly acting this way. It's absolutely exhausting.

Time-outs are useless, taking away privileges doesn't work (they just throw more tantrums), even spanking (only as a last resort in dangerous situations) seems to have no effect on future behaviour. I really have no idea how to deal with them right now.

Any suggestions? Advice? Encouragement? DH and I are at a loss.

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Sorry cant help with how, but just to let you know you are not alone.
DS will be 3 next week and started biting in nursery, running away in public, not listening etc which is very fridtraiting, but reading about it looks like irs a phase, so try to be consystent and hopefully it will pass.
Our situation is not that bad, but i do feel for you, trouble x2

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