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Getting 15mo off bottles

So my lg gets a morning and evening bottle still.

I tried moving her to a cup when she turned one (I bought 5 different types) but she refused to drink any milk so I decided to give it a few weeks. She has drank out of a free flow beaker really well during the day since 6 months.

I think the time is right for another go. I tried her this morning and she took about half of it in a cup with valved top that looks most like a bottle. This evening though she just refused, throwing it away and I ended up getting a bottle.

I don't want to let her go without as she doesn't drink much during the day. She eats really well and has a good dinner so I don't think she's hungry it's a comfort thing.

Any suggestions? I'm going to continue with mornings for now.

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My son is 2 and a half and self weened a few months back. I would be inclined to let her self wean as I personally don't understand what the rush is... I miss my ds looking all snugly with his bot bot sat on the couch at night, now he just says no I want cup! There was a time though when he would not drink milk from a cup only his bottle but obviously he wasn't ready. If you don't want to self wean though, I hear it takes around 3 nights of refusing until they realise that you are not going to give in and so they take the cup. When I say cup I'm meaning beaker with spout.

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I had to try a few different cups to find ones that my boys would accept. My youngest would drink out of anything, but had a hard time weening off a bottle. He used a bottle as a comfort tool and needed one or two a day up until almost 21 months. I cut him off when he started playing more with the bottle than drinking from it.

With my oldest I had to start with soft spout cups. Once he started chewing on them, I forced him to go to hard spout.

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