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Replacing afternoon bottle with a snack/replacing bottles with cups

So my DD is on cows milk now, but is still taking bottles...I'm trying to replace them with her 360 cup but she will only drink water out of those, so it's a painful process and I'm not really forcing the issue. I do really want her off bottles, but she just doesn't seem to like taking milk out of anything but a bottle. We've also tried straw cups, hard and soft spout sippy cups, and open cups (babycup and doidy), but she just won't drink anything but water out of any of them!

She has 5oz in the middle of the night (or very early morning, depending when she wakes in the night), then 5oz mid-late afternoon, and 10oz at bedtime.

I'm thinking of attempting to get her to replace her afternoon milk with a snack. I've let her drop bottles of her own accord prior to this, but we seem to have hit a plateau, and nothing's changed for several months now, so I can't see her dropping any more voluntarily.

She eats a good breakfast of cereal and milk, then has a snack of breadstick/cheese/fruit/something similar midmorning, then a yumbox lunch of pasta, veg, chicken/turkey, cheese, fruit, and a little fruit bar 'treat' when she's at the cm, or a cooked lunch at home, then her bottle midafternoon, and a cooked dinner at home.

What do your little ones have as an afternoon snack? And how much milk (and at what times) at 14 months? And how do you wean off the bottle?!

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My 20 month old is still refusing to give up milk in a bottle. He will drink water out of literally any type of container, but milk absolutely a bottle. He gets breakfast at 7:00, about ~5 ounces milk before his nap around 10:30, lunch at 1:00, snack of yogurt at 4:00, dinner at 6:00, and ~9 ounces milk before bed at 7:00.

I've decided to not stress about dropping the bottles for two main reasons. 1) They are the only times of the day when he wants to sit and snuggle. 2) I think the situation will resolve itself in time. Im pretty sure that he won't want to take a bottle to his first day of kindergarten and, if he does, he definitely won't want to take it the second day.

Hes growing up so fast that I'm happy to hold onto this little bit of his babyhood a while longer.

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I think that sounds like a great plan. I would also say to not force the cup thing. Give it some time. Re-visit it again every month or so until she's ready to give it a try. She is still so young yet. My daughter outright refused to let a cup even get near her until maybe 13/14 months. We'd been trying since maybe 10/11 months. She would literally scream and be inconsolable. Then one morning she woke up and was playing in our room and I went to get her milk and decided to put it in the straw cup and she took it and drank the whole thing and thought it was fantastic! From that day on, we moved all her daytime feeds to the cup and just kept the bedtime one from a bottle (she wasn't having any night feeds at this point, but if she had been, I would have kept those a bottle too). We switched out the bedtime bottle to a cup when she was maybe 15 months or so?

But around 11 months we started to move to an afternoon snack in place of a bottle, mostly because she just wasn't that interested in the bottle and it was a bit too close to bedtime that it screwed things up. We moved towards having a snack then offering a bottle to top up (you might even consider offering a cup of milk along with it to see if maybe she might try the milk if it's paired with a snack?). To start we often did things like fruit (sliced banana or apple), or a yogurt, or crackers, ricecakes, oatcakes, or toast with something on it, sometimes maybe a small bowl of porridge or some cereal.

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My 13 month old doesnt drink milk at all. Ever. My middle girl stopped completely at 14 months. Bottle or cup, they outright refused.

No advice im afraid but hope you find something that works for your daughter x

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I'm in this exact position with my almost 15 month old son. He has a morning bottle of 7 ozs, and a nighttime bottle of 8-9. Occasionally he will wake up during the night for a bottle. I'm not sure how to take it away as he wont drink milk out of a sippy.

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I'd say wait a bit if not seeming ready, my just turned 2 yr old is only just about ready...and I'm having a hard time today getting him to nap without his bottle!! Can't imagine trying it any younger than he is now!! Well...I did a couple of months ago actually, it was so awful!!!!

Good luck!!!

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