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I think some of it is needing more attention. Micah used to nap for 2-2.5 hours every day and I got stuff done then so he's used to a lot of attention during waking hours. Since dropping his naps he's had to make do with me doing more jobs around the house while he's awake and thus getting less attention. Which explains why he's acting up. Sometimes I stick the TV on but I find this escalates the bad behaviour once it's off again. I try to encourage independent play but this often descends into naughtiness as he tries to grab my attention again. I'm not sure how to give him more attention though as be has a lot of 1:1 time as it is and I can't leave ALL the housework until after bedtime. :/

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Sounds very familiar. My daughter is capable of independent play but won't do it anymore. I have put it down to her extravert personality and just simply wanting to play with others! It's hard work, I too have resorted to telly at time and found that makes her behaviour worse after. The 2 things I have tried is playing with her with all my attention for 20 minutes every couple of hours and explaining that to her so I can do other things. Or, and this is more successful just have her help me or play alongside me! Its quite draining though when they want a constant play companion!

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I give a choice. He was terrible for not tidying up before he moved onto something else. The choice was put your toys/colours etc away or you can't do xyz. I start singing silly songs To try and dissipate his mood.

If it doesn't work he doesn't get To do what he wants.

If we are out then I do choice again but tjere are times I've been forced To leave. I have To make tough decisions at times. This only really happens when he is being a mischevious 4 year old. Sensory overloads are completely different and leave us both drained (i usually just hide in a corner with him).

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