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Have you tried Bambino Mio training pants? I've not used them yet, so I'm not entirely sure what they're like but I've bought them for my son to prepare for potty training. They're reusable/washable. Feel like big boy pants though, but have a lining. They might help a little bit because they feel like big boy pants, but also hopefully stop soaking himself through every time you give training another try? Also they'll be like pull ups, but because they're reusable, less expensive. You obviously may need to buy a handful, but they do packs of 5 online for a better price.

They're currently 4.50 each in asda reduced from 6. They do a 3+ so they still might fit, I thought they were quite roomy for the sizes. Not sure if they do other sizes online. Definitely worth a look anyway.

Does he use a potty or do you have a seat on the toilet? Or both? Also have you seen those wall things that they can stand up to to wee? If he's being 'lazy' about it, he might find this quicker and easier and less hassle than sitting dow on a potty or toilet. Are you the one training him? I don't know if you have a partner, but if you do, ask if they can show him to do a stand up wee. Get them involved in the training. Or another male family member.
My friend said her boy wasn't at all interested until her partner started showing him to do a stand up wee! And her boy just kind of looked at her like she was silly if she tried to show him. They know we don't have willies and wont take it seriously I guess!

Fingers crossed that it happens for you soon! I'm trying to plan for a first attempt at potty training soon, and I'm dreading it.

Goodluck I have my fingers crossed for you!!

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