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Toddler misplaced a 100 dollar bill!

My 1 year old son LOVES to go through my purse, he takes everything out and stuffs it back in. It keeps him busy and quiet so I let him do it...only now I'm missing a 100 dollar bill I can not find ANYWHERE. I was watching him the whole time too!

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Oh my goodness!!! That's not what you want!!! How the heck did that happen? Haha

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Oh dear! I hope you find it soon!

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Old Nov 28th, 2016, 11:52 AM   4
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Down floorboards? Under the sofa? Kids are great at hiding things lol. My brother once took all the mum's money that was for her bills (like 300) and put in his wild west town bank to keep it safe. she almost had a stroke x

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OMG !!

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