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My 19 month old has around 10 words total, and none of them are pronounced 'properly'

Muhmuh (dummy )
Gee (cheese)
Gup (get up)
Uh oh
Muh (more)
Babaaa (Mango. Yes, really)
Myah (cat)
Gigah (switch on/off)
Gookah (cooker)

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone.
I've figured out more words, she has quite a few. It just required having some time off at Christmas together so I could get a better sense of her style of communicating. I miss so much of it because she's at daycare during the week.

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It's totally normal. Certain sounds are not made/mastered until they reach certain ages. Some sounds take up to 8 years if I remember right. There is a wide range.

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She sounds like she's doing amazing, try not to worry

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Originally Posted by BlingyGal View Post
Thanks for the help, team!

I need to stop comparing to my friends' babies. One friend's daughter is younger than mine but she speaks much more clearly! Another friend, her son is six weeks younger, and supposedly knows all his alphabet and numbers - she can write them down and he will say what they are! Genius baby I guess.
Probably not genius baby. All children are different. Your little one sounds like she's doing just fine. Rio knew all of his alphabet and numbers and could say them all from photos at that age too BUT barely said anything else other than the basics. He didn't really string any sentences together til after age 2 so whilst he was doing 'genius' activities his speech wasn't all that good. Sounds like your LO is doing really well, actually. I wouldn't worry. It's really hard not to compare though. I always did as I have a niece that's 6 weeks younger than Rio and she spoke in sentences way earlier. They're pretty equal right now at 3.5. X

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