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My daughter was quite bald until 2 1/2. Then she started growing hair only at the back of her head. Now that's she's 6, you can't tell how long it took for her to grow hair. She's quite blonde and her hair is on the fine side. I thought she was going to be bald for the rest of her life.

Taken New Year's eve.

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Wow Neko she has beautiful hair! Bet you never thought she'd have hair that long!

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Thomas at birth, 1 year and now 5 years his hair really kicked in by the time he was 3

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My dd is nearly 5 now , when she was born she had a bit of hair but by 5 months she had gone completely bald. A friend of the family saw her once (when she was bald) and said "she's going to be curly" and I thought how does she know that?! Anyway lo and behold her hair started growing back at about 7 months and by a year it was evident she was going to be curly. She had a head of very tight ringlets, it is still very curly now but because it is so long the weight pulls them out a bit. It is beautiful but such HARD WORK!!

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DD was born with fine, dark hair but lost it all by 6 months. It then started growing back blonde and slowly. By 2 it just brushed her shoulders. 3/4 it really started to grow. She's 6 now and it touches her lower back. It's also turning light brunette. She adores her hair.

DS never went bald but had a bit of "old man hair". There was a patch in the very front that grew so slowly. He's almost 3 and it's still not as full as the rest of his hair.

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Both my kids were probably around one when their hair started to grow in properly. Both really quite bald before that, by about 8 months enough hair that you could tell they actually had hair. My little girl's hair is still fairly short, but has grown enough that it has started to look a bit more girly

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Sophie didn't really get any hair till she was 1, she looks rather hairy and normal now haha!

Emma is much fairer than either Thomas or Sophie and she's still pretty bald.

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