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He's doing really well, great news!

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The other day my husband was complaining about Leo asking for the potty too frequently. I warned him that the next step is for him to not ask for it enough, before he figures out the right balance. Well, sure enough, Leo had three potty accidents yesterday. Owen said that if he did it again the next day (today), he would put him in diapers. I "lectured" him on how I already warned him that this was going to happen and that it's a natural next step and that if we ride it out, he's likely to go back to being reliable again. I also told him he only had to get through Friday and then I'll be around for the weekend. I think I convinced him to keep Leo out of diapers. If he does truly regress, fine. But if this is just part of the natural process, it would be a shame to give up.

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