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Help me get my 2 year old out of my bed!

Hannah has always settle fine in her own bed at night, but always comes in with me at some point. Used to be around midnight but is getting earlier and earlier.

If I dare put her back in her own bed, she screams the place down and that's not ideal as she then wakes my 3 year old and they both start screaming and it's an impossible situation (literally impossible, there is no solving it!)

I am a single mum. I'm exhausted. The easiest thing to do is put her in my bed as she goes straight back to sleep and that's her... but she is a pain in the **** and I am awake all night moving her over and being kicked/lay on etc. Half of the time she walks into my room and I just lift her in, half asleep. I sometimes wake up and have no recollection of lifting her in (she cant climb up, bed is too high)

I want my bed back. I need sleep!

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Been then, done it and I'm still recovering from it. My solution was her bed next to mine, her bed moved away from mine then her bed in the other room with a present. Took a month but it worked. Now she comes through when she wakes up in the morning just to make sure I haven't run away. Once I got her sleeping all night in her own bed (which was easier in my room as her crying didn't wake her brother) it was easier to get to her to sleep through in her own room. We got her new Peppa bedding and a glow bear which worked great and she only ever comes through when she's unwell. I give her a cuddle and out her straight back without an issue xx

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What worked for us was changing her cot to a toddler bed when she turned two, she loved it and wanted in it. Recently we bought her new bedding which has helped. That said she does still come in sometimes...

I totally get how hard it is, we started bringing her in when I went back to work and couldn't cope with the lack of sleep. I have a wiggly sleeper too so it
Often feels lose-lose.

Hope you get sorted

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I was also going to suggest putting her bed next to yours, not ideal I know but least you might get some sleep that way, then once she's used to sleeping by herself, eventually move her back to her own room?

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I could have written your post almost word for word. My dd is almost 4 though and now just starts the night in my bed. It started out just like you say, she'd come in the night, then it got earlier and earlier to the point that I'd think she'd just lay in there listening for me to come to my room and then get up and come in. I'm single too and it was easier to just let her come in. But it's now getting too much. She has to sleep right up next to me and I end up on the edge of the bed. I've tried to bribe her into her bed to no avail. She already has a regular full size bed (double) in her own room .

So no advice, but plenty of empathy. I think I will try what has been suggested thus far and get her a camping cot or something to put next to my bed to see if that works. Best of luck

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She usually sleeps in the bottom bunk but they do still have a toddler bed in there too so could move that into my room I suppose. The last few nights she hasnt cried, but has just gotten up so often that I give up.

Thanks for your advice ladies, I think I might move her bed at the weekend and see how it goes!

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