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Blood found in son's pee - panicking now

Hi i know this is a long shot because i assume most kids wouldnt even have a urine dipstick carried out normally. DS is coming up four and was poorly a few weeks ago with high temperature, sickness, cough, sore throat. The GP said it was viral and but requested a urine sample which came back showing lots of red blood cells. He ended up getting a course of antibiotics for possible bronchitis and finished them last week and seems fine now. The GP requested another urine sample and to do a urine dipstick first. I dipped his urine last week and it was clear but thought i better send in a sample for completion sake. I got him to do a sample last night and dipped it and it had blood in it again. Im in a state of pure panicking now ...consulted Dr Google (stupidly) and literally got no sleep last night worrying about kidney problems, cancer etc which i know is extreme! The GP said to put in a sample next tuesday and see her next thursday for the results.

Im about to have a baby in 5 weeks and the thought of my little boy being poorly or having to be referred for tests is just awful. Im sure pregnancy hormones arent helping my anxiety at all.

I know its a long shot but just wondering if anyone elses LOs had ever had blood in their pee without a urine infection.

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I've not got any personal experience but I was always under the impression this is much less serious in children than it is in adults. I'm also sure if your gp was worried it would have been dealt with instantly. I'm sure your Lo is going to be ok x x

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Hi there! My wee boy does have kidney issues so I don't know if it was related but he was poorly a few months ago, high temp, lethargic on/off etc and because of his kidney problems his consultant said his wee was to be tested first if he was unwell. For three days he had blood +++ in his urine, it was sent off for cultures but nothing grew, everything else was clear, it was just the blood. I still have no idea what caused it, he was on prophylactic antibiotics at the time and it definitely wasn't an infection! Don't worry too much, obviously kidney/urinary tract health needs to be taken seriously but it can just be something that passes. I hope it clears up over the next few days!

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