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Really proud mummy moment!!!

I'm sorry but I just really really want to share this cause I am so totally and utterly proud of my boy!!

I am on bedrest at 32weeks pregnant. Its very hard to keep my (just turned) 3yo entertained and do anything "educational" with him whilst stuck on the sofa.

Today he had some mail from his nanny and he recognised the J and knew it was J for Justin and told me his teacher drawers it for him at preschool.

I asked him to get his crayons and a book from his drawer. And proceeded to show him how to write a J for justin.
I then helped him hold his crayon properly and showed him how to do a J whilst I was holding his hand so he could get the correct movements.

Within about 2mins he got it!!! He was proud and so was I. Then after about 10mins he decided to do it again, this time with no guidence from mummy... and it looked great!!! I am so proud right now. He can count to 16 by himself. 24 with guidence and now he can write a J!!!


Who says being on rest means I can't still help my son reach his potential!!!

The one with two lines of three i did top and he did the bottom line. Other picture he did both with no guidence!!!

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Awwww they're great!! You definitely should be a proud mama!!!

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That's great! What a bright boy he is!

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Awww, that is awesome. Clever wee guy! xxx

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Eleanor ace
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Aw that's lovely! Great job both of you

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