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Dd has gone to swimming lessons since she was 3.5. She's now 6 and in stage 5 swimming which includes jumping in the deep end, swimming a full length on front & back unaided in "proper" strokes. I still wouldn't consider her able to swim properly because she needs someone with her and in a busy pool doesn't watch around her & could easily go under. She got her 5m badge after about 6 months of swimming.

She definitely progresses faster in the summer when I take her for extra fun sessions at the pool and we go on holiday.

She progresses less quickly in the winter when it's too cold for me to want to go!!

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My son is 4 and started swimming lessons in October last year. He has half an hour once a week and has come on SO fast I'm so impressed. Before he couldn't swim unaided and needed floats and hated going underwater- albeit he had always been confident in the pool.
Since started lessons he can now jump in the deep end unaided and swim a legnth on his front or back unaided. But every kid is different and I guess it also depends how confident they are in the water to start with.
I don't take him swimming any other time, however his swimming class is 1 teacher per 2 kids so I think this really helps.

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Following. I'm going to put Thomas in swimming lessons around April time. I think it might take him a bit longer due to his issues but we went swimming yesterday and he was so confident putting his head under the water and he kept wanting to go off by himself

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My daughter started lessons a month after she turned 3. She was bottom of the class for AGES and then about 10 months later she became really confident and went from nothing to swimming really quickly. The only thing that stops her doing a length is because she hasn't figured out how to breathe in whilst still swimming.

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Ds was 3 when he started. Within the first 10 week block he was floating. By about 15 weeks he was swimming 8.5 meters, he probably could have managed 10 if the pool was wider. By about 30 weeks ( minus a few lessona he was off for because he was sick) he was swimming 10m on his front and 10 on his back. The last 10 sessions we did were one to one sessions. We had to stop after that because he was sick almost every week and we kepr missing lessons.

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