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Stutter at 25 months


My 25 month old DS has been a fairly good talker for his age. He started speaking at 15 months and can now talk in 2-4 word phrases and sings rhymes, songs etc.
However, since last week, he has started to stutter and i would have chalked it up to normal. But its getting worse. It is also not similar to what "Normal dis fluency" is considered. It goes like this:

1. If he wants ducky shoes (he has one), he would be like:
Mom, i want duck---(pause of 6-7 seconds, trying to speak, making random sounds, trying to blurt something)----shoes

2. Where is my red---(pause of 6-7 seconds, trying to speak, making random sounds, trying to blurt something)----blanket

I have observed it with certain words ending with T/D mostly.

My DH says he is far too young to go to speech therapist (just turned 2 recently) but i am freaking out as his stutter is from between of the sentence.

Any experiences will help a lot!

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Stuttering is normal at this age and it hasn't been all that long for your little guy, so I wouldn't worry.

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Honestly it sounds normal. My daughter used to do the same and still does it now when she's really excited to tell me something. Used to be a good 5-8 seconds of the same sound or incoherent babbles until she got out what she wanted to say. It's really infrequent now at 3 years and and 5 months x

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Very normal at this age. His brain is working faster than the muscles in his mouth are trained to speak. As he has more practice with longer sentences he should even out in time. Most kids go through a stutter or stammer like this

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My little girl started say are u o o o o okay for a while! She has stopped now though and just says okay x

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