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Sudden Clothing Issues

DS will be 2 at the end of the month and has never had any problems with clothes, but all of a sudden he won't wear any t-shirts with logos or big pictures on them? This literally started on Friday, he will throw the biggest tantrum ever, shouting, crying and thrashing around trying to take the top off.

I've tried offering him a choice between 2-3 different outfits, I have tried just putting it on but that just causes him to cry more and try to pull it off.

Any ideas on how to help him with this or will it just pass?

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It will most likely just pass, my LG started being very determined about what clothes she would and wouldn't wear when she turned 2. We have a couple of weeks when only skirts will do, then a couple of weeks when skirts are an absolute no go. We have days when no amount of convincing will stop her from wearing her cat onesie to nursery or her tutu to the park.

I approach it by giving 2 options:

Ok Lex skirt or trousers?
T-shirt or jumper?
Tights or socks?

Then I pick the outfit based on her preferences. Makes for an easier morning than trying to wrestle her into something I want her to wear!

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I would just avoid those sorts of shirts right now. He's just trying to assert some control in his life and it's not worth the battle.

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Definitely sounds like he's trying to assert himself. Let him choose plain t-shirts for a while.

At least plain ones are the cheap option!

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I would just let him choose

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