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Lets Talk About Boy Parts! (Hypospadias Mummies! Where are you?!)


Not sure if my 1 year old counts as a toddler, but here we go!

So, Hypospadias,

a congenital condition in males in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis.

Ive got a few questions playing on my mind! My boy is due his op to correct on the 24th, of this month. Wow. this has come quickly. And frankly, im scared. Im going to ask the doctors the same questions at the pre-op app, but still, i need to be prepared so im not a complete mess at the time

- How was your little ones after the operation? How many nappies did you take with you? im planning on taking a whole pack? After reading about aftercare of his willy, and how you need to use 2 nappies at one time, Does this sound about right? Or were you given special nappies?

- How long did your operation take?

- Reading the information sheet, one of the things listed, was, crying up to 2 hours after they come around from the operation, how common is this? Its going to break me if my son is crying for that long, and I cant do anything to help him.

- Pain afterwards, Do they give painkillers? or is it a case of just calpol and cuddles?

- Pushchair/car seat straps, will these need altering around his parts, so its slightly looser, but not too lose?

- How do i even pick him up with out hurting him afterwards with his little drip tube in his willy? This is REALLY scaring me, i dont want to hurt him.

Any advice?


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Sorry I have no advice I just didn't want to read and run and wanted to offer up some I hope it all goes smoothly x

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