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Mine's heading for 3 (in July) so I am interested to follow this! Her speech and vocabulary are very good. She can make basically all of the singular speech sounds, including 'l', but there are a couple of sounds she doesn't make correctly, namely blends:

'Th' is often, but not always, 'd', e.g. 'Over dere!'
S-blends are a particular problem, as she tends to say the 's' part through her nose lol, e.g. 'snake' would be 'h-nake'. An 's' sound alone presents no issue - neither does 'sl'. She can also say 'strawberry', but 'stairs' comes out as 'h-tairs'?!?!
She sometimes struggles making an 'r' sound within a word (it would come out as a 'w') but not at the beginning.

I think that's it. It seems like she is on track, which is good to know.

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Originally Posted by SarahBear View Post
It's totally normal. Some speech sounds aren't even expected until about 8.

Violet who is 4 years 4 months can't say the l sound either. She also has trouble with the r in certain positions of words... I THINK she can say it at the start of a word, but not in the middle or end of a word. Not sure th is always pronounced correctly... I'm sure there are others, but she's completely age appropriate. My trouble is when she chooses to not speak clearly...
I get you there.....sooo frustrating when you know they can speak perfectly well but revert to grunts, moans or incomprehensible babble!

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