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Common letter mispronunciation at 3.5yrs old

My DD2 is 3.5yr old....always been a talker. We've noticed there's several letter sounds she can't do

L - she pronounces it 'Y'

Sn - snake is nake, snack is nack etc

I think there are a couple more but can't remember until she says one!!

Is this common for this age and when did your child start pronouncing them correctly?

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I think it is. My dd will be 4 in May and she is just now pronouncing L, but still sometimes pronounces it as a w. Her name is Aliyah (uh lee uh) and until recently, as in the last 3 weeks, she has always pronounced it as uh wee uh.

There are several more, but I'm tired and can't think of them right now.

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My 3.5yr old pronounces everything correctly now, but until a couple of months ago, the one that she couldn't manage (and my dd1 was closer to 4 before she could pronounce it properly) was 'V' in the middle of a word. Eg over was 'ober' and Stevie (my sister) was 'stebie'
My sister is a primary teacher and she says there are some sounds that kids can mispronounce until they are about 6 or 7 iirc, without there being any need to worry x

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Ive actually just had a speech assessment for my DD who has just turned four.

She explained about the common ones which you mentioned and said they dont worry until five or six. Just keep modelling the correct word back to her. X

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It's totally normal. Some speech sounds aren't even expected until about 8.

Violet who is 4 years 4 months can't say the l sound either. She also has trouble with the r in certain positions of words... I THINK she can say it at the start of a word, but not in the middle or end of a word. Not sure th is always pronounced correctly... I'm sure there are others, but she's completely age appropriate. My trouble is when she chooses to not speak clearly...

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My four year old mostly pronounces things correctly now, apart from looked is look-Id, chopped is chop-Id etc my two year old can't say 'r' in the middle of words and says them as a 'y'. She also can't say the 'fl' sound.

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My DD was exactly the same. She couldn't pronounce her S's at all until she was 4.5 years old just before she started school. She occasionally replaces L with Y but not as consistently as she used to.

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Thomas has only just started pronouncing and blending the p sound at 5.5 years. There are charts online outlining what sounds are expected at what age but there's leeway either side. Thomas has a phonological and speech sound disorder so he's taken a little longer

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My daughter is 3 years 3 months old and she still pronounces a p as an h. Not in all words though for example pink is always hink but she always pronounces purple correctly. Not sure why.

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I think it sounds normal. My son is Lucas and can say the L in his name but doesnt say it in some other words. He also says 'nack'

One thing he says that im not surr is normal is he adds a 'sh' to some words so when he says Yes he says 'yesh' sometimes sounds like he has a little irish accent going on

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