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DS1 was 27 months (had a week off work so thought would try, no pressure if didn't work was going to leave till next week off over Christmas but he got it)
DS2 was 31 months, was planning on giving potty training a good try over the summer holidays but he decided himself one morning that was it and told me he didn't want his nappy so that was easy!!

Both were dry within the week although night time took longer

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27 months-ish for both. Dd1 took a week or two and dd2 is doing amazingly after starting on Monday. She's been wanting to start for ages and we've had a potty around but I was reluctant as I didn't want her to regress when her sister arrived. We've started properly this week and she's doing really well and so excited to use the potty as she's been mentally ready for a while. She was able to hold herself in soft play today long enough to get down from the equipment, get me and go into the loo- fingers crossed!

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I'm a fan of intense and quick personally. We did offer the potty whenever she got dressed and undressed (so first thing in the morning and before bath at night) from maybe 2 years 4 months. I don't really consider that potty training though as she was still in nappies 100% of the time. We potty trained at 2 years 7 months. It took 4 days and she was back off to nursery full trained on day 5. She did still have some accidents but I would say they were rare after about 2 weeks. I think if it's dragging on and not clicking but you're really focused on it, then it might be too soon. We got a potty when she asked to use one and we didn't potty train til she said she wanted to wear pants and not nappies anymore, so she was really keen. I would wait til he's expressing interest and then just do it. I wouldn't want it just dragging on for a year and a half.

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30 months old & he didn't have accidents, even on day 1.

I didn't want to spend loads of time on it, and after reading this...."On average, a girl is ready to be potty trained at approximately 29 months of age, says the University of Michigan Health System, compared to 31 months for the average boy...", I figured I'd start at 30 months & it would take a month...

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We started with dd as soon as she could sit up at about 5 months and from then on she did at least one pee a day. We didnt put any pressure on but she loved sitting on the potty. She was under 18 months when she stopped having dirty nappies (which made life easier) but she still wet them until she was almost 3. We only started recently with ds and he just turned 2. I couldn't cope with it when I was dealing with hg or huge and pregnant and hard to bend down. Honestly an early start was great but I at the end of the day it doesn't really matter that much as long as you reach the goal. It just depends what suits you and your LO best.

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Starting early doesn't mean it will end any sooner, just that you'll be in the training phase much, much longer. It is dependant on them being physically, mentally, and emotionally ready. Those things are not influenced by how early you start training.

We waited until it was her choice, and it was easy and painless. It was about 32 months.

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^ Yes! Totally and utterly my reasoning behind starting my LO now rather than when everyone 'thought' she should be starting. The questions and comments I've received about it from certain individuals have seriously pissed me off. One especially noxious acquaintance of my MIL even threw out this argument: 'But little girls don't LIKE wearing nappies!' Where the hell she got that weird piece of info from I don't know - certainly not through experience, as she has two adult sons.

If it had become clear at any point in my daughter's life that she was unhappy wearing a nappy then obviously I would have started potty training there and then! Stupid bloody gibbon.

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Haven't read what the other responses say, but don't believe what they say about boys. With Leo, I just did a couple diaper-free weekends and he was trained. That being said, we're currently on vacation and potty use hasn't been super consistent. That's down to age (2) though, not gender. When we're home again, we'll go right back to underwear and get him back on track.

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My son started at 2.5 but didn't train until 4.5. He has issues in his urinary tract, though.

My daughter started at about 2 years 4 months and was fully trained around 2 years 6/7 months.

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I started DD1 early around 16 months but it took ages. She wasn't fully potty trained until 9 months later. She was happy to sit on the potty and do her business but was not so great about asking to go or going by herself.

DD2 I waited until she was around 30 months to really train her. We had been putting her on the potty for 3-4 months before hand but the day we took off her nappy off it was over and done with in a weekend.

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