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Showing signs of being ready to potty train but wont sit on potty

My son is 2 and a half, and I want to start nappy training soon as he's showing some signs.

Last week he was playing in his room while I had a quick tidy up. He'd done a poo and shortly after put his hands down his nappy. Luckily I went in his room just after he'd pulled his hands out, and went straight in the bath.

He's been messing with his nappy all week, whether thats tugging on it, or putting his hands down there like hes not happy wearing it.

The other night he woke up in such a state asking for his nappy to come off. I stripped him down and he wanted a cuddle and was calm straight away. His nappy was entirely dry but by 5/6am in the morning hes usually at least done one! Boyfriend said he may be learning to hold it.
I always let him lounge around naked for about an hour after a bath and he stays dry too, we'll put cartoons on in my room and I'll dry his hair etc.

Thing is, he wont sit on the potty. Screams. I show him and he shouts at me like I shouldn't be doing it either. I'm going to try and get a seat to go on the toilet to see if thats any different but I doubt it and I don't want him to start screaming at that too.

He's not fully talking though, which is putting me off trying straight away. He can say a lot of things, but isn't quite in the zone of conversations etc. So I can't even reason with him. Eg. I try to explain why he needs to stop running from room to room because he'll hurt himself, and he blanks me. Thats a separate issue though.

The only step I've taken so far is to start putting pull ups on him so he can feel when he's wet a bit more and hopefully he will become a bit more aware of when hes done a wee and start telling me maybe.

Do I wait a little bit longer?

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Pull ups are the same as nappies won't feel any different. Have you read any books, pirate Pete is a good one. Maybe try toilet instead of potty, perhaps let dad take him so he can copy him standing up (assuming he does!) both of mine quickly picked up that was easier.

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Try going straight to the toilet. I did with my twins. I just had a potty that was kept in the bathroom as they frequently needed to go at the same time!

As said, pull ups are the same as nappies. Just clear a few days, stay home, stick him in a top and underpants, offer lots of drinks. Periodically say 'let mummy know if you need to pee'. You can look at his body language as an indicator if he isn't fully talking. Dues he suddenly stop mid play? Does he press his knees together? Any indication of something he tends to do right before he pees.

I got a toddler toilet seat and a step. Started of with a grab and run when they needed to pee. Then hold the hand and speedily walk them to the bathroom, then walked more at their pace so they got the time to start learning to hold it. I completely ignored any accidents, just cleaned up and carried on. I went OTT with praise, even if they attempted to get there and didn't quite make it. My boy was ready before my girl was, but she also has medical issues so was never expected to be 100% dry. But my boy was fully trained within 24 hours at 2.5 yr old. My girl was almost completely dry in 2 weeks, but with significant improvement and almost there within the first 3 days, at 3yr 3 months. My boy actually stopped peeing at night when I trained him, only the odd once in a while he wet. Girl was dry at night a few weeks after being dry in the day.

Try what ever relaxes him to coax him into sitting on the toiler or potty. Wether it's reading, singing, playing eye spy etc.

When you say show him, do you mean you show him how to sit on the potty? Sounds weird, but does he see you go pee on the toilet? Does he react in the same way then? Could even borrow a book from the library about going to the potty/toilet to show him it is completely normal and it is a good thing to do.

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