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Spontaneous letdown of milk 18 months after finishing BF?

TMI alert. Sorry to put it in this section too, I wasn't sure where it best fit!

I bf my DD for 6 months, she's now coming up to 2 so it's been 18 months since I finished. My milk dried up within 2 weeks (though since I can usually squeeze a teeny bit out if I try). However the last couple of months my right breast (and very occasionally my left) has begun to spontaneously letdown milk again - to the point it soaks my shirt. I'm on the pill and pretty sure I'm not pregnant (recently had period, taken a test etc).

Has anyone else had this? I googled, saw the words tumour and thought I'd hop on here for a voice of reason!

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I leaked a bit/had the letdown feeling for a loooong time after I stopped feeding. For me it was always right before my period so I figured it was hormonal. It likely is in your case as well but if you can't pin it to a specific time when your hormones might be doing something (before/during your period or ovulation) then it's worth speaking to your doctor to see if they think it warrants checking your hormones.

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