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My son displays all of these behaviours plus others. He is unable to sit at meal times and takes exceedingly long to dress himself because he gets distracted. He is incapable of finding objects unless we force him to breathe, calm down and take time. He interrupts constantly with random thoughts as if he needs to get them out of his head. He climbs inappropriately and runs off
He is impulsive. He talks constantly and to anyone he sees and is always on the go - he even moves his legs or fidgets on the ipad. He can be overky boistorous and emotionally labile, very quick to temper, abd we often need ti remive him frim situations to cslm him down. He can also be quire anxious. There's so much more and tbh it's draining as much as I adore him.

I spoke to his HV and we were told to go to the GP and we were told that it's "extremely likely" that he has ADHD. He's been referred for assessment but all the health professionals are in agreement that he has it. It's good that you're seeking help, I'm so glad that I did! Good luck x

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