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Now I understand first time mother anxiety!

OK, so I never had the typical first time mom anxiety and I think that's down to my education background. I have a pretty good understanding of child development and what's normal and what isn't and I have education in behavior management. My undergraduate degree is in primary and elementary education and my graduate degree is in special education. So although I've had to gain confidence in other people questioning me, I've always been pretty confident in general with parenting my kids.

However, I just got a puppy this summer and wow has that been a different story! I am not nearly as familiar with puppy development, so when things aren't looking how I'd like them, I worry that I'm messing her up and that I did something horribly wrong. I find myself worrying about all kinds of things... But then I begin to notice that just like in child development, puppies go through phases that involve a grumpy phase followed by increased cognition and a calmer period. Only with puppies the cycles are much faster. We're currently working through some night time behavioral issues as well as behavior issues with cats. Both can make me feel like a failure as a puppy parent, but luckily food can solve most problems with dogs and progress is being made.

But now I get it first hand, even if my "first hand" experience is with a puppy!

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Haha! I'm sure you're doing a great job with her though.

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