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Occupying a physically active child with a BFing newborn

My boys are nearly 3 years and 10 days old. As you can imagine I'm pretty tired although BFing and life in general is good. I'm feeling such an urge to just collapse into my sofa and snuggle my snoozing baby, rest up and heal. However I feel bad for my nearly 3 year old. He is a very physical, active boy - which is especially wonderful as he has a weakness down the left side of his body from a stroke at 6-7 weeks old. It's basically a mild form of cp, so he does regular physio and being active is a massive part of that. Hence the guilt! I feel so bad that he is more contained and less active at the mo and I don't know how to engage and occupy him while I'm BFing. He will sit and read books with me for a bit but all the quiet activities that I did with DD (age 5) when he was a baby don't interest him in the same way). He wants to be up and doing. Any suggestions? Dh goes back to work next week so we'll be back to doing the school run etc. Maybe that will help me get back into my groove.

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Not sure about active but activities to keep him busy?

Active could be play house, make a cup of tea... make a sandwich etc
Cardboard box and some colours to decorate the box
Playing with different textures from one jar to another such as pasta and rice
Sort different shapes and colours of pasta into cups

Lots of sensory play type activities for toddlers on Google

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Not sure about the activities but I was on bed rest when my LO was 18months for the best part of 4 months and we did a lot of flash cards, duplo blocks and lots of colouring and sticker books.

Have you thought about a sling for your newborn so you can breastfeed on the go?.

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I would say for the first few months, you could look into a few days (or at least a few mornings) at a creche or a preschool. I was alone with DD1 and BF DD2 and it was a pretty difficult time for everyone.

I managed to get a few mornings at the creche for DD1 and it helped her work off her excess energy and gave me at least the mornings to spend one on one time with DD2. On the weekends OH went to the park with DD1 and wore her out (during this period she became a real little commando). It really did save my sanity.

Otherwise, you could go to the park or play area every morning when you drop your oldest off to school. The fresh air will do everyone good even when the weather is a bit grey.

If you don't feel like going out - I would suggest playdoh and kinetic sand. The girls are obsessed by the stuff though it is a nuisance to tidy up afterwards. Once I bring it out I don't hear a word from them for hours.

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