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Your favourite family meals

I feel a bit stuck in a meal rut! Can you lovely lot share your favourite family meals? I'm a pretty good cook and tend to cook from scratch but I need to get organised with meal planning and online shopping in advance instead of just winging meals on the day!

Thank you.

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Following this for New meal ideas. Are you on the 'what's for dinner tonight' thread? I get some ideas from there sometimes x

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We like chicken cacciatore. Dead easy, 2 tins cherry tomatoes, chopped onion, garlic, fresh basil torn in and some marscapone, cook off chicken and add to sauce. Oven bake for 40 mins and serve over pasta.

If theres any sauce left I use it on pitta bread as a base for pizza the next night.
We also make Jamie Olivers chicken and chorizo paella regularly. Its so easy and the recipes on his website.
I fling in prawns at the end for OH and lo.
Risottos easy and really versatile. Can use any veg, leftover or cooked meat, Ive even cut up a small amount of grilled sausages to stir through. I dont add wine to mine and lo loves it.
Soups are great for colder days. Either veg and pulses or Ill fling in meat and rice with leftover root veg. I usually make big batches to freeze for quickness.
Jamie Olivers "Jools Favourite Beef Stew" is delish!! I just adapt it to fling in whatever root veg I have. Parsnips are really nice in it. If you dont have / dont want to use wine, just add more stock. Its a big hit and very warming on a chilly day.
Lo loves a stir fry, you can fling anything in them.
Eggs are fab too - omelettes with ehatever filling you like. Or frittatas with leftover potatoes / veg / chorizo etc.
I make lo home made chicken nuggets or fish fingers. I blitz up older bread and add herbs or paprika to coat chicken.

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Following as we have falling into a bit of a tea time rut also.

I like a creamy chicken curry. Its chopped onion, garlic, add diced chicken cooked until sealed, afd diced carrots and peas, then add chicken stock, tin of coconut milk, teaspoon of mango chutnet and teasooon of korma paste (not sauce but the thick paste) mixed and leave until cooked reduced and thickened. Serve with rice.

We also do a simple tomato pasta sauce, usually just onion garlic diced pepper chopped mushrooms with a carton of passatta and a tin of toms. Cook until reduced. Cook sausages, i like to stew them in water seperately and once they are cooked chopp add to sauce and serve with pasta.

Cheese omlette is an easy tea especially after nursery. We do a roast chicken usually once a week but vary what its served with, sometimes roast potatoes and broccoli or veg. Or salad and chips. Sometimes we made chicken salad wraps unstead with chip pots.

Mac and cheese is my LOs favourites but i am so sick of it.

I make big pots of soup and serve with a sandwich. Again another one for after nursery (my DD eats like a horse at nursery so quite often cant eat a big meal afterwards)

^def going to try thay chicken dish! Sounds yum!

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Following for ideas!

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I do a sweet and spicy beef cheeks in the slow cooker. When I can find the recipie I'll add it in. It's one of our favorites. We like our reasonably spicy so just adjust that to your families palette.

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Favourites in our house

-Scouse (beef stew)
-Pork steaks, carrot and turnip , peas , mushrooms and onion gravy either with chips or boiled potatoes
-Roast dinners
-Gammon, sprouts , boiled potatoes
-Stir fry
- Spag Bol
-Chicken Soup with Maggie roasted chicken on the side and some crusty bread !
-Pea soup


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Our favourites-

Shepards pie
Chicken, mushroom and leek pie
Roast chicken dinner
Toad in the hole
Chicken tikka
Pulled pork
Pasta bake
Chicken and mushroom stroganoff
Lamb burgers
Halloumi burgers

All which I make from scratch

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Spagetti Bol is one of our favs also served with courgette noodles
Casseroles in winter
Sausage, mash & Yorkshire puds
Roast dinners - Mini roasts even

Unfortunately I don't get to sit with the girls much due to either my food plan with training or spice spice spice which my girls won't have!

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Soups are good. I make this lentil and mushroom soup at least once a month. It's my daughter's favourite meal! We have it with a crusty white bread and butter.

I also make chicken chilli often. We have it with cheese, pepper slices, tomatoes, soured cream, and tortilla chips that we can top it with ourselves. I make this one. It does have green chillis in it (I buy the pickled jalopenos you would find with the fajita kits and tacos in the store), but I add that and the fresh coriander at the end after I've scooped out her portions so her's isn't spicy.

We also do chicken wraps a lot. You can make them like fajitas (sauteed), but personally I often just roast chicken breasts (or you could do a whole chicken and have leftovers the next day) with some garlic, lime juice, spices (cumin, coriander, paprika, black pepper, salt) and olive oil. Then I slice it and stir it around in the pan juices. Then we have that on big whole grain wraps (or flour tortillas) with either rice or sometimes I do greens (spinach, kale, chard), grated cheese, peppers, tomatoes, whatever other veg, soured cream, etc.

Fish and prawn chowder is another favourite. With crusty bread and butter.

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