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Anyone have experience with ADD with ODD?

I would like to know of anyone who has a child with either or both of these conditions.

My son is 3yrs 7months and attends preschool 15hrs per week. Term time.

My son has been showing signs of both since roughly December. I am really struggling and after he bit his best friend at school today I finally had the chance to speak with his teacher. (It was booked for next week as he only returned to school yesterday)

I would like to know if there is anyone who can disscuss my sons behaviours and help me in finding the correct form of help for both him and myself to cope and help him.

Thank you for reading

Also Im in the UK

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My son is ADHD (he's got the hyperactivity factory), OCD and ODD. We knew from about 6 months but started trying to be taken seriously around 2-2.5. We had such a hard time being listen too as children of these ages are so hectic and busy anyhow but my son was so much worse than you would expect the 'average' child to be. The differences between him and his older brother confirmed it. DS1 was very quiet, easy to keep entertained and didn't need a lot of supervision while DS2 on the other hand was just diabolical, destructive and had to be watched like a hawk. They kept trying to tell us 'he's just a toddler' but we knew different. We had an Aide at Kindy for him as he would hurt other children/refuse to share/be difficult to manage etc. We were finally taken seriously at 5 and had him medicated 6 months later. It's HARD getting someone to listen and take you seriously. Everyone assumes that with ADHD/ADD the behaviour is the same across the board but there will always be differences in how you parent and handle things and how the pre-school do it. My advice is if you are in the same position I was, get together with those who know your child well, your GP, keep a diary of incidences, how long it went on for, what caused it etc. There WILL be a pattern develop over time that the Specialists will begin to see and they will in time, have an observer come into your home and the pre-school looking for what you notice and other factors they will be trained and specialized in seeing. I can relate to the position you are in and it's hard - and the road to getting to the end is even harder. We SHOULD be listened to first and foremost as it's us as parents who know our children the best! Parenting isn't supposed to be easy but it's not supposed to be mentally exhausting either. Good luck.

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We are still going through the official diagnosis stuff, but suspect Thomas has ODD and ASD. He's able to sit down and okay minecraft for hours on end so apparent not ADD though shoes some traits.

I think the best thing to do is go through your health system and get a diagnosis.

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