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How's things going with your lo?

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Soooo, the ignoring lasted for one night, on the second night she screamed ĎMUMMY ARENT YOU GOING TO HELP ME???í At the top of her lungs which ended the ignoring. Iíve now tried the other bit of advice and just given up and let her in bed for a bit or slept in with her for a bit. Iíve also pushed her bed against the wall as sheís in a double bed in a large bedroom and I thought this could make her feel not so cosy. She slept all night last night for the first night in months??!! So idk, Iím just giving up at the minute and letting her get her own way to see if itís maybe something making her anxious. Tonight she went to bed late as we had friends over. At bedtime she got upset worrying about me forgetting to blow out all the candies and one causing a fire so I cuddled her to sleep. I think maybe sheís just sensitive and although she is dedubyeky attention seeking maybe itís gkr different reasons than I thought.

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