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I'm currently study and my Lo get two days a week, I asked if I could send her in and pay for her to stop for dinner(evening) meal and get picked up at 4pm instead of 5pm. She then mentioned a retainer during the holidays of 4 hours day, two days a week for the holidays, so i thought I could send her in for those 4 hours during the holidays. But apparently not, apparently I have to pay it and she isn't allowed in? This is my first experience with a nursery. Is that standard?
EDT: since the rest of her nursery is paid for and guaranteed anyway. Surely I would only have to retain that hour?

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Have a look at your contract. It's not uncommon for nurseries that are year round to ask you to contribute to a portion of holidays. So at ours, we paid 50% even if the nursery was closed (like for a bank holiday or on Good Friday). They still have to pay staff their paid leave on those days so it is typically a way of sharing the cost. The only time we didn't though was over Christmas as it's the only time they actually truly close (close for 2 weeks, no payment for those weeks). But other holidays, we paid 50% (even though they were closed). It should be spelled out in your contract.

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