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Son dripping wet every morning and refusing to poo!


Not sure what we should do. My boy is 2 and a half.
He wakes nearly every morning soaked through like he's been swimming! The colder it gets the more cold he'll get

He's also saying "poo" a lot and seems to be trying to hold it in which means he's in agony with constipation.

We started approaching the idea of potty training but we haven't laid it on thick and always given him a choice.

Don't know if it's worth mentioning that he begs for a second cup of milk within half an hour of bedding down. I'd feel guilty refusing him a drink but is that what is should do????

Grateful for any advice!

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Can't help with the poo issue but I've if my sons is a sleep sweater. I always check him and change his pj's before I go to bed. I find the first sleep cycle his worst. He doesn't even wake when I change him now.

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Do you mean that he has been sweating or that he’s peed a lot? Not really sure from your post.

If you mean he’s peed a lot, then I would say it’s definitely due to so much milk at bedtime. If I drank two cups of milk at bedtime I would pee all night too. You can give him a sip of water or milk without giving him a whole cup.

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I have four kiddos who all have potty trained early(22mo, 24mo, 24mo and 21) But did not even try until they woke up dry. After that outside we went Two boys and two girls peeing on trees and just really learning where everything comes from and the sensation that happens before, during and after all of it! I would hold off. He's still so little. The poo thing is the hardest part of training and in my experiences you really have to catch them in the act and BAM they just get it after that. My kiddos never got constipated during training thou so I really can not help you there I have never not given my kiddos a drink at night. Some might say it helps, I'm not really sure but if he is getting constipated I would say switch the milk out for something else but continue fluids.

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