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My son prefers daddy...

It's normal, I know. But it's still a bit rubbish isn't it? My 3 year old who loved his dad but always wanted me has made the switch. Don't get me wrong, he's still happy with me, but now it's dad he wants in his room at night, or if he wakes. This is hardly surprising. I have an 11 week old at home who is BF so DH has had to step in to DS's night waking etc. But I still feel sad and a bit apprehensive that this is "it" now and he'll just be a daddy's boy now I've got my hands more full with a baby. I've got to say I don't have too much to moan about. Both of my older kids have been lovely for the most part since their younger brother arrived. They love him and haven't shown any jealousy or bad behaviour. DS and I do have a lot of quality time together while my older daughter is at school. DH works long hours and hardly sees the kids in the week anyway. Just a pointless vent really. Thanks for listening!

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Aw, it does feel a little like you're not wanted, doesn't it? Rest assured your son absolutely adores you still. We went through the same thing with DS1 when DS2 was born. OH started looking after him at night and the first time he called out 'Daddy!' instead of 'Mummy!' in the middle of the night I wanted to cry. But I started loving that he'd become closer to his dad as it meant his relationships were growing. He still needed me in so many other ways that I didn't feel like it took anything away from us. The reality is that when you have 2+ kids, OH has to pick up the slack as you are not superwoman and you can't be in two places at once. To me it sounds like your DS is adjusting well and that is a good thing. Try not to feel sad, he will still come to you for hugs and love - all little kiddies need their mummies!!

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Mine has been the same since her sister was born. It's only now passing at almost 6 months in. Hate to admit it, but I do secretly feel a bit pleased when she cries 'I want my mummy' as Daddy takes her up to bed - not because she is crying (that part breaks my heart), but because she wants me again!

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My son is the same. I think it's because daddy is here less so he's seen as more of a novelty and more exciting. He always wants daddy and screams if he leaves the house. This week my son has had a stomach bug though and he's only wanted me which is sweet, it is nice to know we are still comforting to them

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My DD is doing this as well, it started shortly after my DS was born so I'm sure it's due to the fact that daddy does a lot more with her now that I'm busy with the baby. My OH deals with her night wakings, the other night she woke crying and my OH couldn't settle her so I went in to try and help. As soon as I took her she became hysterical, I kept asking what was wrong and between sobs she was screaming 'Daddy!'. I gave her back to my OH and she calmed down immediately, so I went back to my bed and had a little cry of my own. I love that DD is close with her Daddy, but it hurts my heart a little that she prefers him over me, especially at times when she is in need of comfort.

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When I was a kid I was also fond of my dad than my mom. It happens with boys most but also some girls at their baby age loves their dad more than their mothers.

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My DD has been majorly fond of her dad since birth. Shes attached to him at the hip. I think its partially because Im mostly a SAHM, and he works, so she misses him during the week. But even as a young baby, she was a huge daddys girl!

I hope #2 will slightly prefer me, or he will be in for some trouble managaing the two!

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