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Thanks, everyone!

She did send me one email about it which wasn't especially helpful, because she claimed it wasn't a "reward/punishment activity" (not sure how else to frame it). And she also mentioned that my son has been struggling with behaviors this week that are more serious than the ones she mentioned to me at our conference a couple of weeks ago. One of the things that has made me unhappy with this class and this teacher is a real lack of communication. Things come out of left field, and I have little to no idea how he's doing on a day-to-day basis. I can talk to him about things but it would help to have more adult insight. We've had two very brief conferences and that's it. My friends' children attend public school in a different state/city and the teachers there are very communicative, staying in close touch.

Re: the egg hunt, I guess it's the public nature of it that bothers me. Even holding kids back to do another activity in a classroom would be OK, but having them sit out there, in full view of the other students and visiting families, and have to just watch as other kids participate in an event that's HUGE for a little kid ... it feels unnecessarily humiliating to me. And it's not like there will be another one that they can participate in. This is a unique event, they don't have a similar chance next week to adjust their behavior.

I'm hopeful she'll meet with me and discuss this with me more. Until then, I'm working hard with DS on respect and patience. The teacher herself admits he's very smart, but as my MIL used to say to my husband (mostly joking), "It's no good being smart if nobody likes you."

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Wow I'd be furious!

I can't stand this sort of thing at schools!

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There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start! The teacher sounds very inexperienced? I have a daughter the same age and she is in Prinary 1 (UK), and the thought of her having to nap/rest every day is just strange! It would never happen, she hasn’t napped since she was 2 and would certainly find it difficult to sit and relax for an hour!

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My children dont nap at aged 3 and 4. Theres no way on earth they would just lie there for an hour! It could also really effect bedtime if they did!!

This is actualy horrible to read. Makes me sad, at 5 its all a bit of fun and they dont remember that because they werent behaving well monday they now cant egg hunt friday. Its not fit for age plus its just mean!

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