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Toddler trapped gas

My baby just turned one March 16th.

She seems to continue to have terrible trapped gas that wakes her at night, last night she was crying and arching her back for over an hour no matter what position I held her in or how I tried to soothe her.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Poor little mite ��

How long has it been going on? Best thing to do is figure out what's causing it first, is it an intolerance to milk, certain veg (things like broccoli and cabbage are worst for it) or certain fibre in her diet. Although all good food, they can mean gas is produced and can often get trapped.

Warm bath and tummy massage (videos on YouTube to make sure you do it the right way to avoid causing constipation can help move the gas out. If the above doesn't work a trip to the pharmacist/doctor for simethicone might be needed. It's just medicine to reduce gas although maybe you are like me and try to avoid giving your lo medication if you can?


Arching back is also a sign of heartburn/indigestion. did she have reflux as a little baby? Maybe a trip to the doctor to have her checked is worth it if it's been an ongoing thing?

Hope she's OK xx

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Try giving your child a probiotics promotes a beneficial balance of microflora in the intestinal tract, which supports a healthy gastrointestinal and immune system. Qiara Kids probiotics encourage good bacterial diversity to support optimal health and wellbeing.

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Ds had a fare bit of gas as a baby which wouldn't move well overnight. I'd prop him up so that his bottom was slightly elevated and move him from his left to right side (leaving him on each side for a few minutes) - working on the basis that gas rises. Good luck

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