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Sleep....... getting to sleep..... 19 month old

Hi -

Iíve not posted here for ages.... but I need advice please ladies!

Our Little girl is 19 months - my 6.5 year old son slept well and so I didnít encounter these issues with him.

She has always cried to sleep - it breaks my heart. She cries in the pram, the car sear (albeit a bit less), cries in arms, in her cot. I rocked her to sleep probably just to make myself feel better but she cried then too. The HV advised me to stop ages ago as she is getting big and its not sustainable - maybe she was 6-9 months at that point.

So since then we have been doing the broken record technique. It got a little better but not much. I am worried that itís not improving - itís not necessarily getting worse but not better. She is a really happy girl - eats well, happy, running about, socialable etc etc. Developing well for her age.

We do a thorough bedtime routine - bath, milk in a beaker, stories (like 20 minutes in her room with the nightlight on in PJís), twinkle twinkle - the same routine every night. But still tears.

It breaks my heart and I wonder what weíre doing wrong and why she wonít settle. The HV told me that some babies are just criers and just because my 1st wasnít, the 2nd is a different person and she said Iím doing everything they advise.

But I wondered if anyone has any ideas?

Thanks x

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Literally my daughter! She cried from 10 -14 months nap and bedtime and then I decided to co-sleep (only because we had a tiny 1 bed flat at the time-if I had the option I would have put a double bed in her own room) Could you snuggle In bed with her to fall asleep then transfer her? When we done it i used to stay with her to fall asleep, then go back to the living room till my bedtime. Maybe she is just aware that you are leaving and separation anxiety is making her cry. That all that made my daughter cry so I didn't mind giving her that extra comfort to fall asleep. The extra cuddles and rest in bed were nice if anything.

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I agree with the HV. Also, she's at an age when sleep is often more difficult.

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