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Originally Posted by loeylo View Post
Gracie is back in nappies 😩 she only made it to the potty once in three days. She also held a poop for pretty much the entire time.
Aww Iím sure she will be ready soon just try her again at half term or in the summer holidays. We found the hardest thing was finding time when we could just stay home to do it as during the holidays we like to get out together.
We had issues with poop too, heís been a few times on his potty but mostly he asks for a nappy on to hide and poop then asks for it off again.

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I think its important to find something that really motivates your child, my son has a really bad sweet tooth so I bought a small packet of sweets, a potty book and a sticker chart put the potty in the sitting room where he could get to it all the time. For the first few days he would get a sweetie and a sticker after ever potty use and then it was at the end of a successful training day. He was fully trained both pee and poo in just over a week.

I think its important to really think if they're ready, don't be hard on yourself if you start and its not clicking give it a few more weeks and try again.

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So we've been at this for a week and a half now. If we put her in the potty every hour then she'll go wee/poo no bother. If we don't remind her then she'll just go in her pants. If she wets herself she'll say 'ew!' But if she's poos she won't bat an eyelid. I said to her tonight that maybe we should just put her back in nappies which she wasn't happy about at all. I'm going to try a reward chart. If that doesn't help then it'll be back to nappies for a couple of months.

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Just wanted to chime in. Dd wI'll be 2.5 in about 6 weeks. We started potty training last month but we've hit a bump. She pees in her potty no problem, but has started pooping about once per week so we have to go to the doctor tomorrow. She doesn't have any accidents and even stays dry overnight.
We have her come with us when we pee or poop and let her flush. But if they aren't ready you can't force it. The first 7 days were the hardest. She had pee accidents days 1-3 and then day 4 and 5 she only peed twice and held it to the last moment.

We still struggle with poop but when it comes to potty training every kid is different. Read lots of potty and poop books to your kid. Give them time without the diaper and if they can tell you they need the potty then they might be reafy. Just don't force a time table. It's such the luck of the draw....

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