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Terrible Twos? Not If You Follow These Expert Tips

Parents are often warned about the so-called "terrible twos," but the twos can actually be terrific with the right tools in place. Here, five expert tips for making the most of your child's toddler years.

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Most parents seem to agee that three is the difficult age, not two. Two is so easy. They are young enough that so much is still fascinating and new. They are easily entertained. When they want something they can't have, they are easily distracted and redirected. They don't have the cognitive skills to effectively argue or stay stuck on something for too long. They are starting to develop independent skills so you don't have to do everything for themselves anymore. I know our daughter was much easier going at 2 than she has been since. Communication is usually blossoming at this age as well which is awesome.

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Agreed, Sarah. Two was a breeze compared to three.

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