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Mum (Mom)
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Swallowed sticker

Hi, I'm not sure but I think my 5yr old may have swallowed and tiny plastic sticker, the ones you get on a children's magazine like little jewels. She is autistic so she can't tell me if she has or not, I'm not worried about the little jewel itself cause its small and will pass through, I'm worried cause its a sticker and I don't know what the sticky bits made off. I suspected she swallowed a staple last week and ended up in a and e. She's fine in herself and eating and drinking, am o worrying for nothing

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Mum (Mom)
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I doubt the sticker would have much of a problem passing through, your insides are pretty wet so I'm guessing with saliva on the way down it's dampened the stickyness on the sticker too much for it to get stuck anywhere.

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It will come straight out the other end!

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It will just come out the other end. I don't think it will cause any harm.

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