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nursery fees question - someone good with maths help me please!

DD goes to nursery 3 full days a week. It's 40 a day but she gets her 15 free hours so it costs me 325 a month.

My understanding was that I pay for the wrap around hours and for her going in the summer and october holidays spread out over the year. DD is going to be finishing for the summer with the term-time kids, so I was thinking that means the nursery owe me money because she's finishing the year early, which would mean that I've overpaid because I've already paid for her to go during the summer holidays in my monthly payments. I emailed the nursery asking about this, and the manager replied saying that if DD is attending in the summer then it'll cost 40 a day. That would be 480 a month which makes me think she's talking rubbish because why would I have to pay more just for the summer period? And why hadn't they advised me that until I asked? I think they're just trying to get out of owing me money.

I am really bad at maths and being able to work things like this out. Could someone please please work out whether I have already paid for the summer hours by paying 325 a month for 3 days when she gets 15 hours free. The nursery day is 8am - 6pm.

If I can figure out for sure that my suspicions are right then I will send another email. Hoping someone can help me!

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So a given week should cost you 60, right? since days are 10 hours, your LO attends 30 hours, and 15 are free. 3 days is 120, but 15 of the 30 are free, so it's 60 per week. Or 240 for 4 weeks (per month is wonky, as months change) so you are paying extra each month.

I'm not familiar with holidays and stuff, so....just your intuition is right, you are paying a bit more each time. I'm not sure how much of that is attributable to holidays and what not.

If that is totally crazy, sorry for confusing you more! LOL

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Are you 100% sure that's correct?

When ds1 was at nursery and getting 15hrs free we just paid more for half terms. So term time was about 60 a week and half term was 160 a week. It was tax credits that over paid us and under paid some weeks as they even it out over the ywar

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I would just email them and ask them to send you a breakdown of how your payments and free hours are allotted.

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Ask for a breakdown - it may not be a simple dividing it in two as there may be extras that you pay for above the hours

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It's pretty confusing, I can't get 325 for a month based on 4 per hours and 15 hours free, but I did notice you only mentioned the Summer and Oct holidays. What about Christmas, Feb holiday, Easter hols and May holidays? Does she still attend those?

I know some nurseries, if a child is attending throughout the year, divide the 15 free hours across the 52 weeks, rather than the 38 term time weeks, so you recieve, say- 12 hours free, every week of the year, rather than 15. Not sure if that makes any sense or is helpful at all x

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How much do they charge per separate hour? The 40 for 10 hours is probably slightly discounted in which case 325 per month is about right for 15hrs per week, so it sounds like you might not actually be stretch funded that's why they are charging full price for time outside the 38 weeks of the school year. I agree with Quartz about getting an itemised bill/statement

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Is it because the 15 hours free wouldn't be applicable during any of the holidays? I think the best thing would be to ask for the breakdown for your payments like others have suggested x

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