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I'm That Parent Who Lets Her Kid Fall Down

I'm raising my daughter to take risks, and I won't apologize for that.

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I'm the exact same way, my daughter is very adventures and I let her fall (within reason) and pick herself back up to try again. At our local playgroup there was a little boy who had recently just started walking and his mom was following along behind him with her hands in the air on either side of his head to (I'm assuming) protect his head in case he fell. She did this the entire 2 hours of play group. He fell over onto his bum a few times and she immediately scooped him up and made a big deal over checking to make sure he was ok. The whole time the little boy kept swatting her with his hands like he just wanted to be left alone to explore! They are much more resilient than we sometimes give them credit for.

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Im the same way.
My daughter is a little shy anyway so I make sure she knows I am confident in her abilities so that she feels confident as well.

And they do pick up on that. My OH is a little (ok quite a lot) helicopter-y and I do tell him to relax and trust her to try things but its something he struggles with. But I do feel like when were at the park together she picks up on his fear more than my confidence and as a result doesnt do things alone that I know she can and has already done.
OH is already trying to work on it and I keep telling him that he had bruises and scrapes as a child and that didnt mean his mom was a bad mom at all. And he gets it, in theory. But still as soon as DD is up and playing on the playground especially with older kids, he hovers around her like.. well a helicopter

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Id be constantly hovering around my 2 year old if I didnt- Id also be constantly stressed!

It definitely has a say on the way they are when they do fall over when you helicopter vs letting them (within reason) get themselves up. I swear my DD is made of rubber sometimes, feels like she bounces when she falls picks herself up and dusts her hands off. Sometimes shell come to me to rub her hands better, Ill ask her if shes had a bit of a tumble, tell her shes ok and then carry on. Always know that shes hurt if she doesnt get straight back up and cries!

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