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Originally Posted by _Meep_ View Post
Originally Posted by donnarobinson View Post
My son has a lymph node that I can feel in his neck I was so worried when I felt it heís seen a few different doctors and a consultant at the hospital who all have told me itís nothing and there really common to be able to feel and even see.
Sometimes I still worry about it but Ino I shouldnít heís had his tjere since October 2016 thatís when I felt it but it had probally been there longer it hasnít grown which is good
X there very common x
My daughter's had hers since 2014 and you still can see it sometimes so really don't worry! She's very healthy. I get them at the base of my head too when I am ill, but for me they do go away. Kids are definitely more susceptible.
Thank you hun it is defo reassuring knowing other children also have them . X

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So doctors finally called and he has several in his neck that are larger than normal, but they are not concerned!! So bif reliefe!

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That's great news.

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Great news!

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