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Let's talk three year olds

Hi all. Would be interested to know how the rest of you find your three year olds. Are they worse than two year olds? Are they behaving better now they got older?

My three year old is abit hit and miss. She can be very loving. Always gives you a kiss or rubs your finger better if you hurt it for example. She likes a cuddle. She is also a little mischievous and I think she does alot of it for attention as I have a baby aswel.

She will do things like dinosaur impressions all day. Great big annoying growls. They wake the baby. Interrupt conversations and are just plain irritating. We have told her to stop doing it. She won't!!! Last week she was doing these impressions so loudly in her three year old play mates face (who taught her it but has since stopped doing it) that I had to tell her off repeatedly as me and the boys mum could not speak to eachother. I had to end the playdate early as she continued to do it and got more and more hyped up and started hitting him.... She's seemed to struggle with herself since becoming a big sister. She loves her brother but has been through a stage of refusing to talk to anyone and then went to the extreme stage of constant noise.

I fear she is bored. I do my best. Each day she has garden access. Her toys are out. She gets to draw. She gets out for walks. She goes to nursery two afternoons now. But if we are at the park and another child comes in she kicks off if they dare go on the swings. Suddenly she wants the swings. I always tell her sharings important. I make her give things back when she snatches. But she still isn't great at sharing if her friends come over. So much so that when her friend came over she spent all of it loosing her mind over anything he tried to play with.

It's hard because I fear people won't want to see her if she doesn't calm down. My family comment on her dinosaur impressions now. It gets on all our nerves. It's definitely an attention thing. Although I try to give her one on one she often makes me play and she will watch. She doesn't seem interested in a majority of toys at the mo. Just colouring and puddle jumping. She seems to also be very mischievous too. For example she will tip water into toys. Or help herself to food. If she gets hold of cream she pumps it allover. She's constantly making a mess.

I was just interested in what sort of stages your three year old is in right now and how do you occupy them x

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Sounds like typical attention seeking behavior, especially since you have another baby. Maybe try setting apart a specific time that you make special you and her time where you do whatever activity she wants. If she just wants to watch thats ok too! For us 3 was definitely tougher than 2, but 4 has its challenges now too (im sure all stages do.) Just dont be afraid to try a different approach. If asking her to do things isnt working try something else. At that age try distracting her with something else or just ignore the behavior. If growling like a dinosaur gets you to respond and pay attention then why would she stop lol mission accomplished. Hang in there. In my experience, usually these phases feel like they are the absolute worst right before the kids start to transition out of them

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