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Bouncyboo, are you there

Hi, I am the lady who was asking a while ago about a swim nappy for my 6yr old Daughter, Thankyou so much for your very nice reply suggesting that I'm lazy because a child that age needs a swim nappy and that its lazyness not taking her toilet, I just wanted to let you know not that this is any of your business but my daughter is Autistic with developmental delay. I know I didn't mention that in my post but I also didn't ask for your opinion on a child that age wearing a swim nappy, I was just asking the nice ladies on baby and bump for some suggestions on where I could find one. Please tell me if I am wrong but I was under the impression that I could ask a question on hear without having to give a back story!. Can I suggest for future reference for yourself that next time you have an opinion you keep it to yourself until you know the facts

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As a side note google autism mum hoodies if you havent before... if you've had a recent diagnosis the phrases should ring true and make you smile. Hope all goes well with your child. It is not easy, good luck with the summer holidays xx

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