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Dreading first day of school!

My dd starts p1 on August 21st and I feel sick about it. I know she's going to do great and it's exciting but she's my baby, she's my first going to school and I just know I'm going to cry. I want to cry now thinking about it. bah! Why do they grow so fast?!

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I know how you feel. My daughter has been home with me 24/7 for her whole life and in Sept she starts junior kindergarten. I'm going to be a mess. And she really doesn't want to go so I know it'll make it harder seeing her cry. I'm going to feel awful making her go.

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I cried when DD2 started full time school! I am emotional now she is starting year 1 in September and DD2 will be starting nursery at the end of the year .

Itís a major thing letting our babies go off on their own and stand on their own two feet . I stressed a lot about it but my DD1 loves school and has made so many friends . She come on so much in a year already from reading and writing to general socialising skills .

Itís the end of a era being at home I was gutted . But seeing her come out of school with so many stories and things to tell me sheís really happy which makes me feel happy .

You will adjust to a new routine in no time, the day goes fast too especially if your working/ other children to look after.

I am dreading DD2 starting nursery . Will be the first time i will be home alone without children ! Iím sure I will post about it .
I hope both your kids love school and make lots of friends . All I can say is just remind them how cool and good it will be and make it exciting ! Even though we feel like crying ! Good luck ladies x

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My DS starts school in September and my DD starts pre-school and I am dreading them starting as they have just grown up much too quickly

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DD begins Kindergarten next Wednesday. I'm just happy that she's so excited and ready to go, so that makes it easier. Last year, when she started full time Pre-K, I balled my eyes out all the way back home. And then by the 3 week, she asked me to just walk her to the hallway and she'd go the rest of the way on to her class by herself, and the first day she did that, and then just turned and waved...oh my gosh! I felt like she didn't need me anyone and was fine on her own. I balled again! It is really hard, but harder for us than them I think. My dd loves school, so that makes it easier on me. Hope you all and your kids have great first days of school!

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