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Fear of bathrooms

Hi ladies. About a month or two ago my daughter was spooked by a drip of water that came out my mums shower. She ran out and has never gone back in again. She also has stopped using the toilet at home and won't go in the bath unless the showers down. She used to love playing the bath and laying on her belly in it but she wants out as soon as her hairs washed. She won't wee at anyone else's house unless it's on a potty and she won't wee when we are out in public bathrooms. I've tried loads of things. She is not entertaining it. I've been calm and reassuring and researched it and it said small steps and don't get frustrated.

The problem is my dad has shouted at her today
He doesn't think she should be using the potty. He yelled at her called her a silly girl and said she won't be able to behave like it when dye starts school. Obviously I wasn't happy but kept it polite and I've told my mum we won't be able to go round again until she has her confidence back... It's a horrible situation because she has been toilet trained for months and this has come out of nowhere in a way. She has never been keen on weeing out on public places but it's understandable with the noises etc.

I don't really need any advice as I've tried lots of methods and I accept its just going to take time and small steps. I mainly just hoped others may have a child fearful of bathrooms etc who can give me some insight into how long it went on for etc. Feeling abit sad as it makes things hard when we go out and I'm not keen on getting a potty out in shops etc. I have had to let her squat in fields a couple of times but I know long term that's no good. I don't want her to have accidents as she is potty trained and hasn't had them for months.

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