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My kids have turned Feral

My kids are off on summer holidays and we are now at the end of week 5. That are honestly not the same children anymore!!
The first few weeks we did heaps of activities and went adventures whether they were expensive or free it was still taking up majority of my time and energy. By week 3 they were not appreciating this so much which then leads me to being frustrated so we tried having more time at home.
Now I feel there so ungrateful and well... Feral.
Yesterday my son spit in my daughter's face, she scratched all the way down his cheek. There chucking toys at each other.
IL literally go into the other room to make lunch and there becomes a full on War in the living room.
I've completely lost my authority in the house, our routine used to be great and these squabbles would get shut down whilst still small 'thinking step' 'threat of me splitting them up' 'putting a special toy into a box for the afternoon'
Now honestly they don't care!!!!!
Please tell me it's the summer holidays and it's not just me because in finding this impossible.

They are 1,4 & 5. When it's not school holidays the older 2 normally went to nursery every morning for 3 hours and we all got time to miss each other. Maybe it'll be ok when they go back? And my son is starting school.

I know it sounds extreme but I really am at the stage where I wake up and feel dread at another day with them on my own. I get very little help and I have them all day then drop them off 3.45 and go straight to work until 8.30pm

Help from one exhausted burnt out mum

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I would say it is the summer holidays! My son was the exact same with friends, happy as larry playing with them to start with and last few times it has been full on fights and arguments between them, he is back to nursery next week. Cannot come quick enough lol!

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