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Mini Scooter or Balance Bike for a 2 Year Old?

My LO is coming up to her 2nd birthday

I've seen loads of kids using those mini micro scooters which my LO knows how to use now (she always steals the kids' scooters at the park) and she loves them.

I've also seen those balance bikes (without the pedals). My daughter has never tried one, but I think she would like it.

So now I'm at a loss for which one to buy her for her birthday. Which one would you/have you bought and does your LO love it? Please help me make a decision! Cheers.

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Balance bike is the better option as it makes the transition to a normal bike easy. Apparently you don't even need to first go to a tricycle, they can go straight from the balance bike to a normal one.

My son got one for Xmas. He was only 18 months and is still just a little bit too short for it on its lowest setting. At the moment he pushes it next to him more than he rides it on his own, but he does enjoy riding it, just gets tired really quickly as he can only just reach the ground. He loves it when we push him around.

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Balance Bike/Runner

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I have got three kids, ages 8, 10, and 11. Two girls and a boy, boy is the middle one. I am looking for a starter kidís scooter they can all learn on and enjoy. But I am in uncharted waters here because I know nothing about dirt bikes and kids scooter it's like once I saw this kid riding his scooter and my kids start asking for it.

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