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Its been a while since ive been on B&B (so long that im already out of the baby forum and into the toddlers D: ) and i dont see any familiar faces from my pregnancy. So hello everyone!
Im Kimberlynn
My daughter is Eliana Marie
Shes just over 18 months
Her favorite foods are fruit,tortillas,pastas,rice, and slow cooked chicken.lately shes had quite an obsession with trying to steal dog food too but its not encouraged
Recent mile stones are running! She runs everywhere! And climbing staors with mommys help and getting off the bed unaided.
She loves animals!dogs and cats specifically,being outside,baths,playing with her cousins, playing at the park, coloring,her stuffed puppy,piggyback rides and cuddling
She dislikes when moms busy and cant pick her up,or when mom is doing anything at all tjat doesnt concern her,being told No,and having her hair brushed (although shes starting to be okay with it) and big fluffy dresses shes not a fan of either.

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My Toddler is Phoebe. She's 19 months old and a rainbow baby. Loves fruit, chicken, carrots and beans. Loves Peppa and Frozen. Loves to run outside and play ball. Loves cats and dogs. Recent milestones being able to walk up & downstairs holding the bannister. 4 word sentences, brushing her hair, washing her face and putting on her shoes. Dislikes it when her shoe shoe comes off, sprouts, eggs and being hungry.

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Your name: Laura
Your toddlers name: Isaac
Age: 17 months today
Favourite foods: Potato, pasta, banana, yoghurt.
Recent Milestones: He learned to walk today!
Likes: Animals, Thomas the tank engine, dancing, having a bath, making cat noises.
Dislikes: having his nappy changed or his face wiped.

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Your name: Kassie
Your toddlers name: Haylee
Age: Almost 17 months
Favourite foods: Fruit (Banana, Grapes, Plum & Watermelon), Cheese toasties. She also loves nuggets & chips (oops :/)
Recent Milestones: Attempting to jump, can point to her nose & ears.
Likes: Animals, Cartoons, Mummy's phone & keys.
Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner.

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Your name: Sophie
Your toddlers name: Daniel
Age: 2 Years
Favourite foods: Banana, Apple, Spag Bol
Recent Milestones: Went On His 1st 4 Day Holiday With His Granny, & Starts Pre-School!
Likes: Fireman Sam, Cars, Making Lots nose lol
Dislikes: Santa, Not getting his own way.

Picture taken on his holidays with his granny such a cheeky boy love him with all my heart x

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Your name: Chelsey
Your toddlers name: Evangeline-Rose
Age: 3
Favourite foods: Chicken nuggets, Peas and chocolate
Recent Milestones: Started Nursery
Likes: TV and playing games on my phone
Dislikes: Taking meds, sleeping and having her hair washed

Info: She is a bit behide on everting as she had open heart surgery in Jan.

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My Luke! 19 months, pure boy

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Well i guess we belong in here now since hes no longer a baby

Your name: Tara
Your toddlers name: Rohan Thomas (Silent H in Rohan)
Age: 12 months
Favourite foods: spaghetti hoops :s
Recent Milestones: walking
Likes: almost everything
Dislikes: having his inhaler, having his nose cleared, not being allowed his brothers chocolate

Info: Rohan was born at 36+5 (spontaneous labour) via emcs weighing 6lb 8oz. spent a couple days in NICU under the billi lights and on iv antibiotics for strep B. we went home at 3 days old and he was doing grand apart from loosing weight and went down to 6lb 1oz. at 12 days old he stopped breathing and had to be blue lighted to hospital where he was ventilated and sent to a bigger hospital. We spent 3 weeks in intensive care and a further 4 days back in our local hospital before going back home. he had RSV, Bronchiolitis, Pneumonia, collapsed lung, air in his chest cavity and a bacterial infection. He came home at 5 weeks old weighing 6lb 1oz.

a couple months later he had hypothermic temp drops while sleeping which are still unexplained. Then sepsis of the kidney and a severe uti where they found he had a duplux kidney and collection system with grade 5 hydronephrosis, also a large ureterocele in his bladder. He had another indepth kidney scan and then an operation the next month to burst the ureterocele which worked and his hydronephrosis is now much milder (after having another ultrasound). We just last month had his nuclear scan (DMSA) to see how much of his kidneys work and whether the duplex needs removed or if it can be left to see how it goes.
Shortly after that he got a bad viral infection and was admitted to hospital again and put on a drip.

We've had a phew cases on bronchiolitis since which he is prone to and is on an inhaler for Asthmatic tendancies. he also has CMPI

There is a much more indepth story on my journal for anyone interested. Rohan was featured on a BBC ALBA programme called Cobhair Chloinne (scottish channel. Paediatric retrievals, which can still be watched online. hes in episode 1)

pictures from the first hospital journey

his christmas photo

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Your name: Maria
Your toddlers name: Mateo
Age: 5 (so not a toddler but I can pretend, right?)
Favourite foods: Pizza, cheese, strawberries, chips
Recent Milestones: Reading and writing skills are improving so much everyday. Had his first skateboarding lesson. Tidied his room all by himself without being asked
Likes: Animals, dinosaurs, skateboarding, music, school, playing with his brother, going on his scooter
Dislikes: being woken up, coming home from school, his older brother being away, not getting his way, the rain ruining our plans!

Your toddlers name: Cruz
Age: 3.5 (also not really a toddler anymore...)
Favourite foods: also pizza, blueberries, carrots, cereal, sandwiches
Recent Milestones: doesnt need a diaper at night anymore (finally!), can write his full name perfectly(first, middle, last), isn't scared of putting his head underwater anymore, doesn't ask for the stroller every time we go outside of the house anymore(!!)
Likes: animals, playing with his brother, preschool, riding his bike, riding on the back of my bike, going to the park, going to the beach, going on walks, getting messy!
Dislikes: baths, being told no, things not working the first time, not being able to buy everything in a store that he wants.

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Your name: Felina
Your toddlers name: Hunter
Age: He turned one year today! And I am 27.
Favourite foods: Literally the only thing he refuses are green beans. This is hard to answer. He devours anything with tomato sauce!
Recent Milestones: Standing unsupported, stacking objects, putting objects in other things (he recently put the circle in the correct hole in his shape-sorter), and using some words.
Likes: Going outside, being chased and tickled, cell phones, playing with objects that aren't toys, climbing stairs, pretending to cough and mimicking other people's coughs, and fiddling with buckles.
Dislikes: Diaper changes, when people hide their phones, grass, and the sound of blenders.

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