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Old Oct 7th, 2016, 11:10 AM   651
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Your name: Audra
Your toddlers name: Timothy
Age: 12 months
Favourite foods: strawberries, eggs
Recent Milestones: cruising
Likes: Dancing, Bubble Guppies, All animals, going for stroller rides, peek-a-boo!
Dislikes: long Car rides, diaper changes, olives

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Old Oct 10th, 2016, 01:46 AM   652
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Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to be here on a parenting forum.

Your name: Ann
Your toddlers name: Amu
Age: 35 months
Favourite foods: Cheese, apples, milk, juice, beans, cream biscuits...
Recent Milestones: using potty on her own!!
Likes: going to the park, playing with her figurines and enacting her rhymes
Dislikes: vegetables, taking temperature...

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Old Oct 12th, 2016, 22:33 PM   653
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Your name: Becca
Your toddlers name: Carson
Age: 2
Favourite foods: Grilled Cheese, Blueberry Waffles
Recent Milestones: Learned to identify his chin and arms, and learned to say his name.
Likes: Cars, trucks, tractors, trains, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Goldie & Bear, animals
Dislikes: Being sticky, timeouts, mushrooms, pork

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Old Oct 17th, 2016, 13:57 PM   654
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16.5 months
Fave foods: rice, bolognese, yoghurt, cucumber, berries, banana
Recent milestones: Runs very fast now. Moved to 18-24 clothing. Has begun pretend play (using sticks as vacuum nozzles while I vacuum and feeding his stuffed mouse) uses a spoon independently.
Likes: Birds, going for walks, playing in the garden, the ladies at his nursery, soft play, funny noises, cuddles, our cats, dogs in the street
Dislikes: Food that he thinks might be hot, balloons, getting dressed, staying indoors, not being understood, not being able to climb on to high things by himself.

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Old Nov 13th, 2016, 13:29 PM   655
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Your name: Demi

Your toddlers name: Daisy Fay

Age: 16 months

Favourite foods: Cheese Omelette, Pasta, Houmous, Bananas and Blueberries

Recent Milestones: Peeing on the toilet; learning plenty of new words all the time (amongst her favourites are 'cat', 'eyes' and 'no').

Likes: Pictures of cats, Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat, her baby doll "be-be", soft play, swimming and dinosaurs ("rawr")

Dislikes: Avocado, Mummy saying no, cats in real life and her own bed

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Old Dec 6th, 2016, 15:05 PM   656
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Your name: MelH
Your toddlers name: Liam Luke
Age: 4 going on forty
Favourite foods: spaghetti bolognese
Recent Milestones: learning something new everyday
Likes: sports and motor cycles

Old Jan 22nd, 2017, 06:36 AM   657
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Proud mummy to a 20 month old boy

Hi, i was a member when i was pregnant but decided to rejoin now that my little boy is 20 months.

My name: Laura
Child's name: Ryan
Age: 20 months

likes: he loves anything car or vehicle related, if he can push it he's happy lol
first word was car - hes trying to talk in sentences, so you get go car, mama car etc which is so cute
loves being outside playing
Fav foods - he loves chicken curry, toast, yoghurt and melon
he is almost running - cross between a walk and a slow jog at the minute
has just recently grown tall enough now to be able to open the door

dislikes: the hoover

info: Ryan was born at 41+1 after an induction, 2 hour active labour, born at 3:24 after a 14 minute second stage. he was a chilled baby and slept through from 8 weeks, still loves his sleep thank god.
started baby led weaning with him from 6 months and he now eats everything in sight which is amazing, is on one bottle of milk at night, which im going to slowly wean him off before he is 2.

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Old Aug 26th, 2017, 18:17 PM   658
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I always have trouble thinking of my Bugaboo as a toddler, but I guess she technically is. Where has time gone???

Your name: Bee
Your toddlers name: Raven
Age: 13 months
Favourite foods: eggs, potatoes, peaches, plums, spaghetti
Recent Milestones: She can officially stand for half a minute, and is trying to take her first step
Likes: Music, Moana, the Secret Life of Pets, books, banging toys together until I have a headache, her train, the Fisher Price puppy, dogs, cats, everyone she meets basically
Dislikes: when I leave the room, having a poopy diaper... and that's pretty much it? lol

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Old Sep 13th, 2017, 14:42 PM   659
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My name: Alliah
Child's name: Charlotte
Age: 2 years 1 month

Likes: dori, my little pony
wearing shoes and hats.
first word was: hi
Fav foods - yogurt, rice, anything if it's in a squeeze pouch

dislikes: carrots.

info: long term ttc Charlotte was a clomid baby after 3 years ntnp, 4 years ttc. Easy pregnancy, fun and quick birth she's been a joy. Dad is stay at home I work half time away, half time at home.

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Old Jun 20th, 2018, 17:15 PM   660
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Your name:Treanna
Your toddlers name: Zane
Age: 2.5

Favourite foods: Pizza, any fruit, and Reeses.

Recent Milestones: Full sentences! Finally got his tonsils out! Working on potty training. Attachment phase. =[

Likes: Motorcylces! Cars! Kids Youtube. Sharks, Fish (actual fishing, eating fish, youtube videos of fish.) And puppies! LOVES his Nana, Grandma, and Papa.

Dislikes: Zane hates when his older siblings visit, because he misses them so much when they leave. Zane recently started hating daycare dropoff, or even being dropped off at Papa's, Nana's and Grandmas. Zane hates leaving his mama and dada. Zane does not like vegetables, so mommy makes veggie fruit smoothies.

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