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How much sleep does a 15 month old need?

MY LO has never been a good sleeper but in the last few weeks he has been terrible. He fights his naps and doesnt want to go down at night. Then he wakes at 5/6 am and wants to get up for the day

I have solved the nap problem by moving from 2 naps to one. Now by 12ish he is really tired and will settle and sleep for 1-2 hours.

In the evening he wont settle and will BF for 30 min to over an hour before going to sleep so he isnt in bed until 7:30/8 and then is up by 6. Is that enough sleep? I miss the times when he would sleep 7 to 7 (usu waking up just for a feed or 2).

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At that age it is recc. they get 12-14 hours sleep but my lo never slept more than 10-12 hours, so I guess they will take what they need x

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Yes I heard the averge is 12-14 hrs for that age, but it varies from baby to baby. Charlie does sleep around that amount (10 hrs night, 1.5 hr morning nap and 2 hr afternoon nap), but it can vary depending on how exciting his day is!!

It sounds like your little man is getting what he needs and as long as he isn't cranky through tiredness during the day then great!


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Sounds like Lindsey! She sleeps after lunch for about 2 hours and then from 8.30/9 to 6.30/7 at night... As long as he doesn't seem overtired I think that's fine! Although when Lindsey fights to go down at night its sometimes (not always) b/c she's already overtired... confusing things, these babies!

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Violet only seems to have cat naps during the day, it's rare for her to go longer than 45mins at a time and often she'll only have 1 nap (sometimes of not even 45mins) during the day. Very occasionaly she'll have a good couple of hours during the day.

At night, she sleeps 10-11hrs.

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