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2.5yr old right foot turning in and limping

Just wondered if anyone had any advice on my toddler, he is 2.5yrs old and we have noticed recently that his right foot turns inwards and he has now started to limp on it. He has always had really well fitted shoes by Clarks so i am sure its not his footwear. We have squeezed his hip, ankle and foot and nothing seems to cause any pain.

I am going to try and get him to the health visitor and get them to check him over, just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar as when i did a search on the internet apparently a foot being turned inwards can be quite a few different medical problems or nothing serious and just a habit he has developed????

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If he's limping i'd get him in to see the doc, it could be any number of things as you said but bottom line is that its not 'normal' for a little one to limp so don't ignore it. And to be honest i'd see a doc before the health visitor.

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